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Princess Torte Product ID : 1077
Layers of Scandinavian sponge cake filled with the finest raspberry jam and...
Price: $39.00
Pumpkin Torte Product ID : 4715
Fall Holidays. A rich, pumpkin cake layered and finished with cream cheese...
Price: $39.00
Scandinavian Strawberry Torte Product ID : 4605
Three layers of yellow sponge cake with one layer of chocolate mousse and...
Price: $29.00
Tri-Chocolate Torte Product ID : 4610
Three layers of mousse made with gluten free ingredients: dark chocolate,...
Price: $39.00
Turtle Torte Product ID : 4650
Three layers of chocolate devil's food cake with two layers of caramel and...
Price: $29.00
Austrian Walnut Torte Product ID : 4770
Three layers of chocolate cake with two layers of raspberry butter cream,...
Price: $39.00
Bailey's Irish Cream Torte Product ID : 4640
Three layers of chocolate devil's food cake with two layers of Bailey's...
Price: $29.00
Apple Walnut Product ID : 1301
Richly flavored breakfast bread swirled with cinnamon, apples and walnuts....
Price: $4.99
Baguette Product ID : 1140
Firm and crusty bread with an open crumb that is perfect for canapes or one...
Price: $3.49
Cranberry Nut Sour Dough Product ID : 1026
This bread has a mild sour flavor enhanced with tart cranberries, and...
Price: $4.99
Fruitcake Product ID : 3032
A holiday cake made with butter, dried or candied fruits and nuts with a hint...
Price: $9.99
German Rye Product ID : 1350
A hearty, robust bread baked in old world tradition with an organic rye...
Price: $4.49
Health Wheat Product ID : 1050
Full bodied, hearty, wheat based bread with many grains to supplement any...
Price: $4.99
Pumpernickle Rye Product ID : 1310
Baked in the old world tradition, our pumpernickel rye has a dense, robust...
Price: $4.99
Sour Dough Product ID : 5702
Hand crafted and baked in the old world tradition using a firmament for a...
Price: $3.49
Spinach Parmesan Product ID : 1020
At Taste of Scandinavia we take our sponge dough and blend it with fresh...
Price: $4.99
Sun Dried Tomato Basil Product ID : 1030
Flavorful, aromatic, zesty. Tomato Basil bread has a flavor and tight grain...
Price: $4.99
Swedish Limpa Product ID : 1290
An authentic Swedish limpa baked in the old world tradition with buttermilk...
Price: $4.99

128 Item(s) Page 7 of 8 |  First  1-5  6  7  8   << Previous | Next >>

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